Santa Rosa Beach, FL / Tallahassee, FL / Tulum Mexico
(850) 570-0604

Chad Kittrell

Career Highlights/Experience Overview

  • Co-founder of Hunter and Harp Holdings, a boutique private equity company focused in the North Florida area for over 10 years
  • Identified prospects and solicited large investments from high-net-worth individuals for real estate and investment projects.
  • Envisioned, funded and provided top-level operational management for numerous projects in a variety of industries totaling close to $100MM.
  • Maintained banking relationships and secured funding through both debt and equity structures.
  • Built both analytical and operational teams for numerous projects.
  • Solicited buyers and managed the sale of assets in the hospitality, consumer goods and real estate industries.
  • Began career in banking at SunTrust bank in the Medical Private Banking Division. Duties included identifying potential clients in the medical industry, presenting banking products, relationship management of high net worth clientele, portfolio management, board presentations etc.
  • Served as board member for the Florida State University Jim Moran Institute Entrepreneurial Program.
  • Experience reviewing company financials for operational opportunities and investment.
  • Created financial models for operating companies (construction budgets/annual and multi-year projections for operating activities).
  • Familiar with maintaining deal flow pipeline.